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Gallup: NRA Enjoys 58% Favorable Rating

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America still likes American stuff.

Despite a year of blistering criticism from gun control advocates about the National Rifle Association’s hard-line stance against gun restrictions amid a spate of mass shootings nationwide, 58% in the U.S. have a favorable opinion of the NRA.


The reason for this is that the real fringe in the gun debate are the coastal media elites who reflexively bark for more gun laws like trained seals. They love to portray the NRA as this wealthy small group that dominates policy making through lobbying.

Real Americans know that the policy was made when the Constitution was written and that the NRA is representing them. Real Americans also know that, contrary to the pre-programmed words that come out of every liberal’s mouth after a shooting, the NRA hasn’t killed anyone.

President Obama and the other rabid anti-Second Amendment progressives repeatedly err on this issue because they only surround themselves with like-minded people and don’t know what the rest of America is thinking.

Real America.

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