Ryan Willing to Be Speaker if Republicans Can Unite

It’s a start.

Representative Paul D. Ryan said for the first time Tuesday that he would be willing to serve as speaker if all factions of House Republicans could unite behind him.

Mr. Ryan addressed his colleagues and called for a change to the way the job is structured, saying the speaker should be more focused on communicating the message of the party and house and less on fundraising according to members in the room. He urged members to not try and change the rules “for one group.”


There are people out there who have been trying to make the case that Ryan is some sort of raging moderate RINO, which isn’t really the case. True, he’s not the second coming of (insert name of whichever conservative you idolize here), but he’s a far cry better than Boehner or Kevin McCarthy.

Trey Gowdy is definitely on Team Ryan, which should assuage some skittishness.

Naturally, plenty of people will still complain. As I have often stated in the last year, people need to stop treating politics like finding romance on eHarmony. We don’t need to sync up on 29 levels of compatibility, we just need someone who isn’t a weak leader and can help thwart Democrats.

Ryan has always been an effective communicator of conservative economics principles, something that many may have forgotten during the time he’s been out of the spotlight since 2012.

The most important thing to remember is that he drives the progs absolutely crazy.


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