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Two New Suspects Named in Lockerbie Bombing Almost 30 Years Later

Via BBC News:

Scottish prosecutors want to interview two Libyans they have identified as new suspects over the Lockerbie bombing.

They believe the two suspects were involved, along with Abdelbaset al-Megrahi – the only person to have been convicted of the 1988 atrocity.

A total of 270 people died in the bombing.

Megrahi was released in 2009 on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He died in 2012, protesting his innocence.

Scotland’s Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC recently met the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, in Washington to review progress made in the ongoing investigation.

They have now requested permission from the Libyan authorities for Scottish police and the FBI to interview the two named suspects in Tripoli.

The doggedness of the Scottish investigators is to be commended, obviously. Here’s hoping there can be some justice here, however belated, and that the Scottish government won’t sell out over a terrorist’s sob story again.