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Richard Dawkins on Islam: 'To Hell with Their Culture'

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins has just about had it up to his keister with Muslims’ constant whining. Sitting across from Bill Maher — another brave leftist critic of the Religion of Peace — he delivered himself of a few choice remarks that will have holy warriors all over the world steaming with anger:

The British scientist was appearing on a live TV chat show in the United States when he blasted “to hell with their culture” when referring to some practices in Islam, such as women being made to wear burkhas. Dawkins was appearing on the Bill Maher’s HBO show and the pair were debating regressive liberals and, in particular, universities banning those with extreme views from giving lectures.

The conversation turned to Islam when Dawkins criticised those afraid to confront the religion on some of its extreme practices, saying the religion was being given a “free pass”. The 74-year-old said: “There’s this notion Islam and Muslims are this protected species. That if we talk about them at all or criticise at all, it’s somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It’s a ridiculous idea.” Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends. He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment.

“But that’s ‘their culture’ and you have to accept it. It’s the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, ‘it’s their culture’. Well, to hell with their culture.”

Note also how Dawkins and Maher are united on the value of real, free speech.  Love Maher’s line about Islamic women forced to dress like beekeepers. Only one quibble — it wasn’t Sam Harris who coined the phrase “regressive” for the left — I’ve been calling them Regressives for years now, both here at PJ Media and over at National Review Online. Because that’s exactly what they are.

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