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Hillary's Having Another Bad Week

It’s been over seven months since Hillary Clinton’s email scandal broke, but the scandal remains in the news, chipping away at her credibility and trustworthiness every day.

It takes only three to six months for one of Barack Obama’s scandals to be reduced to a “phony scandal,” and dropped by the media. But for some strange reason, the poor woman can not catch a break.

As the Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday, the FBI seized four State Department computer servers as part of its probe into Clinton’s “unique email arrangement,” which somehow allowed highly classified material from a secure government network to make it to her private email system.

The State Department uses two separate networks, one for classified information and one for unclassified information. The two networks are kept separate for security reasons. Most classified networks are equipped with audit systems that allow security managers to check who has accessed intelligence or foreign policy secrets.

The FBI is trying to determine the origin of the highly classified information that was found in Clinton emails.

However, the task is said to be complicated because those with authority to create classified information have broad authority to label information in one of three categories: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.

The FBI is primarily concerned with trying to determine how Top Secret information made its way on to the private server.

Someone could be in big trouble if they ever get to the bottom of this.

Also onWednesday, we discovered that “Hillary Clinton’s No. 2 at the State Department twice forwarded information to the Clinton Foundation that was later deemed classified, the latest instance of former Clinton staff transmitting now-classified information.”

According to a new email chain shared with POLITICO by Citizens United, Cheryl Mills — Clinton’s former chief of state at State — forwarded State Department background information about Rwanda and the Congo to the Clintons’ philanthropic organization. Citizens United, a conservative activist group, obtained the messages via a Freedom of Information act lawsuit.

The Clinton Foundation is, of course, a private organization with absolutely no legal clearance to be receiving classified U.S. information.

Meanwhile, Judge Emmet Sullivan continues to be a thorn in Clinton’s side. 

A new focus emerged Tuesday in the sprawling litigation over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server: the State Department official who may have authorized the private setup Clinton used for most of her four years as secretary of state.

A conservative watchdog group pressed a federal judge to order Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to appear in court to explain who greenlighted Clinton’s private server and who kept it running.

“He would be able to easily answer … did she have the authorization to use” Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha told U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. “Mrs. Clinton either was approved or authorized to use this system of records or she was a rogue employee.”

The hearing Tuesday was the first prolonged courtroom discussion about whether Clinton did or did not have official approval for her email system and the potential consequences if she did.

And in one of the most blatant and cynical flip-flops in American history, Hillary decided on Wednesday to “come out” against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Clearly calculated to peel away lefty voters from Bernie Sanders, Hillary’s newfound opposition to TPP comes after she was one of its leading proponents while secretary of State.

Back in June, while Hillary was starting to look indecisive on the issue, CNN’s Jake Tapper listed “45 instances when she approvingly invoked the trade bill about which she is now expressing concerns.”

It remains to be seen whether this about-face will help Hillary, given her already low honesty/trustworthy scores. 

Rumors persist that Vice President Joe Biden will jump into the 2016 presidential race with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, making him “a shoo-in to win the Democrat nomination.”