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Man Kicked Out of Rubio Event After Asking Bizarre Questions and Accusing Him of Adultery

A man was kicked out of a Rubio campaign event in New York City Tuesday after he asked Sen. Marco Rubio a series of bizarre questions involving “multibillion wire fraud” and adultery.


Rubio looked perplexed as the man asked:

How is the Nicole Lapin, Warren Buffett multibillion dollar wire fraud going? I heard there was a big loss in London.

“Let’s just stay on topic, if you don’t mind,” the moderator answered. But the man was just getting started. Reading from his notes, he asked:

How can Nicole Lapin sit there on the wire all day through a company like Time Warner Inc., contributing absolutely nothing to the economy?

The moderator tried unsuccessfully to stop him from talking, but the man persisted:

How do you plan to fix accountability in courts? How do you plan to deal with fraud? The answer is you can’t. You cheated on your wife in Florida.

At this point, the moderator got up to confront the questioner, but the man had one more point to make before he was escorted out:

I think you should drop out of the race. Your polling numbers are too low to win.


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