David Jaques: Obama Not Welcome in Roseburg to ‘Stand on the Corpses of Our Loved Ones’

As news was breaking Monday evening that Obama had decided to visit Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday, David Jaques, the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, was on The O’Reilly Factor reiterating his contention that the president would not be welcome in his town should he decide to visit.


“That isn’t just my opinion,” Jaques told O’Reilly. “We’ve talked to dozens and dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials…”

He referenced a letter signed by Douglas County’s commissioners, the sheriff, and the chief of police, stating the the president would not be welcome in Roseburg to grandstand for political purposes.

Without reading the letter, he gave the gist of it to O’Reilly: “He not only acknowledged that it [the shooting] could be politicized, he was doing so deliberately. So now he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones, to make some kind of a political point, and it isn’t going to be well received — not by our people, not by our families, and not even by our elected officials.”

Jaques went on to note that the loathsome Westboro Baptist Church might also come to Roseburg to protest the funerals of the shooting victims.

“Just one more potential incident…” Jaques lamented.





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