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Comedian Raises Money for Planned Parenthood at Ted Cruz's Expense

Josh Androsky, a Los Angeles-based comedian, has raised more than $1,200 in support of Planned Parenthood by poking fun at presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Androsky claimed that a friend bet him a donation of $100 to PPFA if he could get Ted Cruz to block him on Twitter. Towards that end, he posted a meme depicting the Senator as “Tickle Boy.”

Ted rude


Followers of Androsky began leaving donations in honor of Planned Parenthood, and adding typically hateful leftist propaganda intended to demonize. For example, one donation was made in honor of “the time Ted Cruz pouted for a week because his wife wouldn’t sleep in the garage when she was on her period.”

Says Androsky of his campaign:

[Cruz is] truly evil. Why not combat it with targeted silliness? … I think the reason this has resonated with people is because this Republican field is so cartoonish. They’re monsters and they’re dangerous, sure, but it’s so over-the-top now that it’s so easy to push it into comedy.

Cruz has long been a champion of life, and is leading the movement to defund Planned Parenthood. In his latest campaign ad, Cruz attacks the organization that has engaged in activities such as the murder of children born alive following botched abortions, which Androsky apparently does not consider “evil”:

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