Democrats Who Didn't Let the #WDBJ Crisis Go to Waste

The nation was shocked this morning when a crazed, disgruntled former WDBJ employee, spurred by racial animus, shot and killed a young reporter and her cameraman during a live broadcast in Moneta, Virginia.


Predictably, what most Americans saw as a horrific tragedy, Alinskyite Dems saw as an opportunity to score political points on gun control.

Here are a few Dems who jumped at the chance to politicize the tragedy today:

Hillary Clinton called for “action on gun control” before all the facts were known.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called for “common sense gun control” whatever that is:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe stressed more gun control while admitting he has no idea how the gunman acquired the gun:

Said McAuliffe:

Twice I have brought legislation before the general assembly. Twice I have asked that we have background checks. Twice now they have rejected background checks.” He said there are “individuals in this country who should not be allowed to own a firearm and it’s just tragic that this kind of legislation cannot be passed and signed into law.

An unnamed reporter then asked, “Do you know that [the gunman] is not a permit holder? Do you know that he has a criminal background?”

McAuliffe responded by saying, “I don’t. At this stage I don’t.”

Rob Delaney. Don’t know who this is? Don’t feel bad — neither do I — but Twitchy thinks he’s somebody and found his attempt to play the blame-game disgusting:


Bart Hubbuch, the New York Post sports columnist, tells us who is really to blame:

Hubbach obviously doesn’t read the New York Daily News:

The NYPD is in an all-out battle with illegal guns — and all of us are losing.

More people are getting shot. More people are being killed. And fewer people are being stopped and frisked.

“We’re struggling with homicides and shootings,” NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill said Monday. “As we expect when warm weather comes, we see an increase in certain crimes.”

O’Neill laid out the grim numbers during a press conference at 1 Police Plaza, revealing a 19.5% spike in homicides during the first five months of the year. There were 135 murders through Sunday compared to 113 at the same time last year.

Maybe if the left would stop never letting crises go to waste, we’d have fewer crises.


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