Dean: Biden, 72, Has 'No Appeal' to Under-35 Voters, But Clinton, 67, and Sanders, 73, Do

As Vice President Joe Biden reportedly weighs whether or not he’ll jump into this presidential campaign, a 2004 candidate said it’s past his time.


Biden, 72, tried for the Democratic nomination in 1988 and 2008; his son Beau reportedly told the veep before his recent death that his dad should take another shot at the White House. On vacation right now in South Carolina, Biden is working the phones to gauge support, according to NBC News, but is still working through the grief of his son’s passing.

Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a Hillary Clinton supporter, told NBC this morning that he “has a lot of respect for Joe Biden.”

“He’s been a terrific vice president. The problem is that Joe Biden is a very good guy and probably has no appeal whatsoever to people under 35. People under 35 elected Barack Obama president of the United States. That is a key part of the Democratic coalition, along particularly with Latinos and African-Americans and Asian-Americans,” Dean said.

“So I think it makes sense to have a candidate, I think Hillary is one, I think Bernie is another, who can really turn on the under-35 set. I think that would be a problem for Joe… I just think it’s probably too late for that.”


Clinton is 67; Sanders is 73.

Biden entering the race would likely be a problem for Clinton, splitting the Dem establishment vote and benefiting Sanders.

Still, Dean insisted, “I think it’s great what Bernie’s doing.”

On the subject of Hillary’s emails, Dean quipped, “I think it’s great that the server is in the hands of the Justice Department; that’s a lot better than having it in Trey Gowdy’s hands.”

“This kind of coverage is what the Republicans want. The only thing you didn’t say that’s in the Republican talking points is using the word ‘criminal.’ There’s nothing criminal about any of this.'”

“This has been going on since Whitewater and Vince Foster,” he said of GOP attempts to “smear the front-runner.”


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