Hillary Camp Says Bubba Didn't Advise Trump on Presidential Run

After rumors surfaced yesterday that former President Willie the Zipper encouraged Donald Trump to run for his old office, a mouthpiece for the estranged Mrs. Bill says yeah…no.


Donald Trump’s race for the White House has nothing to do with a phone call with Bill Clinton, according to a Hillary Clinton campaign spokeswoman.

“They exchanged pleasantries. Mr. Trump noted that he was thinking about running for president, and the president wished him well but didn’t give him any advice,” Jen Palmieri, the communications director for Clinton’s campaign, told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on Thursday. “Donald Trump doesn’t strike me as somebody who takes a big step like this because somebody else wants him to do; he seems to be somebody who very much operates under the premise of free will.”

The Clinton campaign played no behind-the-scenes role in encouraging Trump’s candidacy, Palmieri added.

Republican establishment types who have been in full garment-rending mode since Trump began his ascent in the polls added some conspiratorial shrillness to their tantrums yesterday claiming that Trump is nothing more than a Democratic plant in the Republican presidential field. That’s a patently absurd assertion, as the Democrats already had Jeb Bush at the top of the polls before Trump showed up.


Why not add fuel to the tinfoil hat fire though: if Trump is, in fact, a plant, the denial from Team Grandma is precisely what should be expected.

Somewhere in the night, Mike Huckabee wonders just how much more populist rhetoric he has to spew to be considered a closet Democrat.


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