'Public Employees' Livin' High On the Hog at the University of California

No wonder the Left infiltrated academia in the eighties; they could still spout the same nonsense but get handsomely paid for it:

A day after UC moved to raise the minimum wages of its lowest-paid workers, the university’s governing board on Thursday awarded 3% salary increases to 15 of its most highly paid executives. Those officials include five campus chancellors and four hospital and healthcare leaders. New salaries for the 15 range from $231,750 for Anne Shaw, chief of staff for the UC regents, to $991,942 for Mark Laret, chief executive of UC San Francisco’s medical center. Many of the them had salaries above $400,000 before the new increase.

The new pay scale for the five chancellors are: $772,500 for UC San Francisco’s Samuel Hawgood; $516,446 for UC Berkeley’s Nicholas Dirks; $441,334 for UCLA’s Gene Block; $436,120 for UC San Diego’s Pradeep Khosla; and $424,360 for UC Davis’ Linda Katehi. Others on the list include the UC system’s chief investment officer, Jagdeep Bachher, whose salary now will be $633,450; UC’s general counsel, Charles Robinson, $441,334; and UC Davis’ medical center chief executive, Ann Madden Rice, $848,720.

Officials said that much of the raises will be paid from such budgets as medical center revenues and investment gains and not from state funds or tuition. But student leaders criticized the hikes and said such distinctions about funding sources don’t matter.


For once, I agree with the students. The administrative bloat at major universities is the reason why tuition is so high. Parents ought to think about that when decided where to send their little geniuses.

Regents say that these executive pay scales, while impressive to the average UC student and employee, are often below rates at competitive universities across the nation. Monica Lozano, the chairwoman of the regents, said the board approved the raises to ensure consistency across the system and to recognize that “these are people who are leading very large segments of a very complex enterprise.”

The vote was unanimous. Gov. Jerry Brown, who is a regent and frequent critic of high executive pay at UC and Cal State, did not attend; he was participating in an environmental conference at the Vatican.

Meanwhile —

Starting this fall, all UC students will have to participate in new, university-wide training sessions on preventing and reporting of sexual violence. While UC’s individual campuses previously had such training, the new in-person and online sessions will have university-wide material and standards, officials said. A systemwide training for faculty and staff is scheduled to start in January, they said.

You read that right: the governor of California, his state in crisis, is at the Vatican discussing how many pins can dance on the head of an angel with the pope, whose flock of Christians is being eradicated from their ancestral homelands in the Middle East, while back home UC students have replaced Shakespeare with social-justice indoctrination.


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