Donald Trump's Election Platform Summarized

Donald Trump’s election platform summarized:

Illegals are rapists! Well, never mind that: the good ones can stay. But the bad ones are rapists! And the Republican Party sucks! They’re idiots! Fools. All of them! Let me donate to Democrats, because we all know they’re tough on immigration, aren’t they? Oh, and I’m very rich. Richer than rich! I’m the richest guy on the planet (except some others who are richer, but who cares? They’re stupid anyway)! Vote for me, because I’m rich!


Essentially, that’s all there is to it. While it’s shocking to me that there are some conservatives who apparently are impressed by it, we can’t afford to alienate those people too much. We just need to point out — time and again — that The Donald is an important Democrat donor and a fake. We need to get conservatives to start thinking, rather than acting on their gut feeling and emotions alone.

Oh, and a short message to Trump supporters: stop pretending that those who support other candidates aren’t “conservative.” There are some real, proven conservatives in the race. Let the hero worship stop. Please. It’s unbecoming of conservatism.

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