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Illegal Aliens Overwhelm French Port of Calais

The situation in the French port town of Calais has gone from bad to worse as striking ferry workers have added to the problem of massive numbers of illegal aliens desperate to use the chunnel to reach England.

The ferry workers are protesting job cuts and have set hundreds of tires on fire to block the road leading to the passage under the English Channel. Meanwhile, thousands of illegal aliens, desperate to reach England, are easily evading the temporary security fence that was hastily put up and swarming on to trains and trucks headed under the channel.

It’s estimated that 6,000 trucks are lined up on the English side waiting to cross to France, but can’t because of the human tidal wave.


David Cameron spoke to French President Francois Hollande on the telephone on Friday and said the pair had agreed to work to tackle illegal immigration.

The PM has warned the situation will be a “difficult issue” throughout summer.

There have been thousands of attempts by migrants to access the Eurotunnel terminal, affecting train services.

The crisis has led to major congestion on both sides of the Channel, with passenger services disrupted and 6,000 lorries parked in queues along the M20 in Kent as part of Operation Stack.

Ministers said they were considering setting up temporary lorry parks to ease the pressure on roads, but the Road Haulage Association said the measures were not enough.

And there were further problems in Calais on Friday when former MyFerryLink workers protesting against job cuts blocked road access to the port area by burning tyres.

On Friday evening, Downing Street said the prime minister and Mr Hollande had “both expressed concern about the immediate security challenges and reiterated their commitment to continue working closely together to tackle the problems”.

“Both leaders agreed on the need to work with Eurotunnel to monitor and secure the area and for respective ministers to continue discussions over the coming days to implement additional measures that could further improve the situation on the ground.”

Speaking earlier after he chaired a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee, Mr Cameron said the provision of extra French police at the Eurotunnel site had already had “some effect” on disruption.

British PM David Cameron has been viciously attacked for describing the swarm of humanity trying to invade his country as a “swarm.” Not much different on both sides of the Atlantic.

What the euro-press euphemistically refers to as a “migrant crisis” isn’t much different than the crisis we’re facing. At bottom, a lot of people don’t like where they’re living and want to move to a better neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what color they are, or what god they worship. What matters is that they have bypassed the laws and regulations set up to provide an orderly process for people to emigrate — something every nation on earth has a sovereign right to enforce.