Trump Blasts 'Corrupt Mexican Officials' for Letting Drug Lord Escape

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump put out a press release blasting “corrupt Mexican officials” for “obviously” allowing Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, a dangerous drug kingpin, to break out of a maximum security prison for the second time.


As PJ Media’s Chris A. Guzman reported, some supporters of illegal immigration took to Twitter to share their wishes that the drug lord hunt down Donald Trump and kill him.

Here’s Trump’s statement in full:

Corrupt Mexican officials obviously let him go a second time.  The last time he was free for 13 years.  He has been selling drugs in the U.S.  big time – a major kingpin.

He is possibly in the U.S. and his drugs and drug dealers freely cross into the United States through our pathetic border.

This is just one example of the many instances of Mexico taking advantage of the United States.  They take our country’s money but leave the tremendous crime, much of which is a result of the rampant drug trafficking.

I respect Mexico. They can’t help it if our politicians are so incompetent that things like this can continually take place.

If elected President I will stop this and all other countries from abusing OUR country.  I will Make America Great Again — and fast!!


Fox News reported that Guzman escaped “through a 1 mile tunnel from a small opening in the shower area of his cell.”

The elaborate underground escape route, built allegedly without the detection of authorities, allowed Guzman to do what Mexican officials promised would never happen after his re-capture last year — slip out of one of the country’s most secure penitentiaries for the second time.


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