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A.B. Stoddard: 'Hillary Clinton's Entire Strategy Was to Circumvent the FOIA' (Video)

State Department officials released new emails Tuesday from the 55,000 pages Hillary Clinton provided to the agency in November of last year. According to Fox News, the court ordered State to publish emails once a month on a rolling basis in order to meet its  deadline of January 29, 2016.

The State Department was forced to begin publishing portions of that batch, which contains roughly 300,000 individual communications, through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Vice News.

On  America’s Newsroom today, The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard absolutely savaged Hillary Clinton for the corrupt manner in which  she handled her emails while at State, and predicted that Hillary would have a difficult time persuading skeptical voters that she would make a trustworthy president.

“She not only cherry-picked and left everything she doesn’t want anyone to see on the server –  the entire strategy was to circumvent the FOIA,” AB explained.  “It was very shrewd and very keen and they knew exactly what they were doing. They didn’t even give the State Department the emails that they cherry-picked electronically. They printed pages so that the State Department wouldn’t have to spend another five weeks trying to scan them to a system that could be shared and assessed and read. This is the most intentional act of keeping government property and then destroying it…”

Stoddard predicted that Clinton will have a difficult time convincing “those last  3% of persuadable voters” to vote for her.

“We would be electing as president, someone who not only circumvented not only her arrangement with the Obama administration – the criteria under which she had to work as Secretary of State – but as I said, removed government property and had it destroyed. That is a known fact – that’s on the record. People armed with this knowledge are going to be deciding on her style of governance. And I think it will be the biggest story about her – bigger than any stories about her record as Secretary of State, Benghazi, or anything else.”

As Hillary’s damaging emails are released in slow-drip fashion, the nation will have no choice but to witness the continuing spectacle of her unraveling, ill-begotten campaign.

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