BREAKING: Muslim Terrorist Attack in Lyon

France has an even bigger Muslim problem than England:

Police told French news agency AFP that a suspected Islamist attacker pinned a decapitated head covered with Arabic writing to the gates of a gas factory in eastern France on Friday, before being arrested.

One person has been killed in a suspected terror attack at a factory near Lyon in southeastern France, a local government official said Friday. Another person is currently in police custody and is suspected of involvement in the attack, Joelle Huillier, a local politician, told CNN’s French affiliate BFMTV. He is being questioned by police, she said.

A source cited by BFMTV said a decapitated head had been put in front of the company, next to which was found an Islamist flag. CNN has not been able to confirm the report. A man described as a witness, whose name was given as Patrice, also told BFMTV that a group of men carrying Islamic flags forced their way into the factory, beheaded a person and targeted gas tanks.

Le Monde newspaper cited unidentified sources as saying that two individuals rammed a vehicle into the building, causing the explosion. Banners in Arabic that haven’t yet been examined were found at the scene, the paper added. The Paris prosecutor’s office said its anti-terrorist section was opening an investigation into crimes related to a terrorist enterprise.


Until Europe stops “opening investigations” into the ongoing attack against what used to be called Christendom and starts dealing with the root of the problem — an ancient, alien, antithetical culture in the midst of one of its periodic invasions — this sort of thing will continue. But at this point, some nations like France, Sweden and Britain would apparently rather be put to the sword than admit their liberal “principles” have been wrong.

UPDATED: The attack is apparently ISIS-related. The war in Iraq/Syria has now come to both Europe and America.

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