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[VIDEO] Glenn Reynolds: Why Millennials are Ditching College

While college students ready for graduation celebrations this weekend, trends show that other millennials are making different choices when it comes to college enrollment. Reports show overall college enrollment is dropping, in particular for those in their twenties.

Glenn Reynolds, founder of and author of “The Education Apocalypse,” argues that college is not for everyone, and that could be good news for the economy.

“When people go to college and it’s not for them, they are wasting time and money and they are not making a social contribution,” Reynolds said on FOX Business’ “Kennedy” program last night. “When out in workplace, doing useful stuff, they are making a social contribution. And, they are not running up debt and years of their lives.”

Twenty-year-olds may be effectively using their resources. “You only have so many years of your life in your twenties,” he says.  “It seems like you have an endless supply, and then they’re gone and they don’t come back.”

Reynolds explains how he believes colleges have ceased to be about learning in his new book.

"The Education Apocalypse" explains why millennials are ditching college. - Sarah Culvahouse Mills

Watch John Stossel ask Reynolds if college is a rip-off this Friday at 9PM ET on his FOX Business special program. Tune in