Marilyn Mosby to Perform in Baltimore Circus


Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s high-profile prosecution against the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray may have devolved into what could arguably be described as a three-ring circus, but she and her husband, city councilman Nick Mosby, are literally going to be guest ringmasters in a traveling black circus that is visiting Baltimore this weekend.


Via The Root:


This comes on the heels of Marilyn Mosby’s appearance onstage with music legend Prince for his #Rally4Peace concert, which drew criticism a few weeks ago. She is also being accused of bias by pro-law-enforcement critics for her close ties to the community. But the real issue is, what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate in the lead-up to prosecuting a high-profile case of police brutality? What’s appropriate regarding a case that spawned nationwide protests and several days of civil unrest?

According to the councilman’s office, Nick Mosby and his wife, Marilyn, were invited to be special guests of the UniverSoul Circus prior to Gray’s death. It was “in the works way back,” Candance Green, Councilman Mosby’s press liaison, told The Root. And inviting community leaders to be guest ringmasters is nothing new for the community-focused UniverSoul Circus, which enlists local figures to be part of the show. Its current show has the theme “Your Life Matters,” intentionally or unintentionally mirroring the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“This is something they do around the country,” Green said. “They choose leaders who make an impact in the community.”


In the current racially charged climate where Mosby’s critics are calling on her to recuse herself due to bias and conflicts of interest, an appearance at a traveling black circus with a theme that mirrors #BlackLivesMatter would not seem to be the best choice. She is looking less like an impartial evaluator of the case, and more like a #BlackLivesMatter activist.




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