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J. Christian Adams on Fox: 'Some DOJ Lawyers in Division Probing Baltimore PD Worked for Anti-Police Orgs'

PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams appeared with Shannon Bream to discuss the Department of Justice’s investigation into the conduct of Baltimore’s Police Department, which was requested by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

The Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch DOJ has launched similar investigations into the conduct of municipal police departments based upon an incident that inflamed racial tensions. Most recently, the DOJ targeted the Ferguson Police Department, which resulted in firings and other severe punishment despite the inciting incident having been found to exhibit no evidence of misconduct. As Adams mentions in the below clip, the DOJ also recently targeted the New Orleans Police Department — which resulted in a federal judge rebuking the DOJ attorneys for “grotesque misconduct” during the investigation.

As Adams mentions, those two examples are likely indicative of a personnel problem at the DOJ.

Several years ago, Adams and former DOJ attorney Hans von Spakovsky researched the resumes of every single new hire within the DOJ Civil Rights Division under the tenure of Eric Holder. (Simply retrieving the resumes required a lengthy FOIA Act battle.) They found that every single new hire — over 100 attorneys in all — had previously worked for identifiably leftist political organizations.

Including, as he tells Shannon, organizations that existed for the sake of targeting the conduct of police departments.