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BOLD LEADERSHIP: Pataki Says He Would Cut IRS and EPA by Fifteen Percent

Former New York Governor George Pataki told the crowd at the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday that he would reduce the federal workforce by “at least 15%.” Sounding very much like a presidential candidate (or like someone who is vying for the VP spot), Pataki said that the federal government is too big with too many bureaucrats and federal workers and it needs to be scaled back. But unlike other presidential candidates (Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for example) who have said we need to get rid of entire departments like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education, Pataki just thinks they need to be scaled back a bit.

And by the way, when we repeal ObamaCare, we won’t need as many bureaucrats in the health department; when we get rid of Common Core, we won’t need as many workers in the education department; when we stop the EPA trying to shut down American energy, we won’t need as many bureaucrats in the EPA; and when we end the political use of government bureaucrats, we can have a much smaller IRS and get rid of every one of them involved in those political scandals.

Pataki added, “We can reduce the size of the federal workforce by at least 15 percent.”

Woo hoo. Now that’s what you aspirational leadership!

Pardon me if I look elsewhere for some glimmer of hope that we can save this country.