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Response to Garland: When Cartoons Become More Offensive Than Killing

This confrontation between Fox News host Martha MacCallum and freedom advocate Pamela Geller effectively summarizes everything wrong with the West’s approach to Islamic terror. Geller properly compares the “Draw the Prophet” contest which two terrorists attacked in Garland, Texas to Rosa Parks’ protest against Jim Crow. MacCallum balks at the comparison, failing to recognize the battle between coercion and freedom as the through line.

MacCallum cites Pope Francis praying in a mosque as a superior approach to “doing something” about Islamic totalitarianism. More than naive, MacCallum’s perspective proves suicidal.

Look, this is simple. Two men thought it justified to react to offensive drawings with attempted murder. Blaming their victims for “provoking” such insanity absolves the perpetrators of their responsibility to respect the rights of fellow human beings. That’s as bad as standing along side them and pulling the trigger.