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Video: Kid Interviewer Cuts Off President for Droning On Too Long….

A sixth-grade interviewer at a Maryland middle school earned huge accolades on social media Thursday when he cut off the president for droning on too long in one of his typically long and rambling answers.

“I think you’ve covered everything about that question,” Osman Yahya said, as Obama was just winding up.

Time reported:

President Obama sat down with a group of students Thursday to talk about a new initiative to get more kids to read, but the Maryland middle schooler stole the show with a brisk demeanor and pointed questions. His decision to cut off one of Obama’s characteristically long-winded answers won plaudits on social media.

When a student asked Obama to explain how he gets writer’s block, Yahya asked him to first explain what writer’s block is. When a second-grade class asked the president whether he enjoyed reading, Yahya pointed out that the president had already answered that question and moved along to the next question. When the president began to wax poetic about his love for reading, Osman stopped him. “I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question,” said Yahya, a student at Bennett Middle School in Salisbury, Md.

White House Press Corps:  watch and learn:

During that same appearance, the president also reportedly told the kids, “Sometimes I have to write big speeches…

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