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Bobby Jindal at NRA Conference: Liberal Elite Attack RFRA Now, Second Amendment Next

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana addressed the NRA membership this afternoon in Nashville, specifically slamming the liberal elites who “bullied” Indiana and Arkansas on their religious freedom bills.

He called it an “attack on the Constitution” and warned that the Second Amendment is next.

“Now, I know you did not come here today expecting to hear a speech on religious liberty,” Jindal said. “But my friends, if these large forces can conspire to crush the First Amendment, it won’t be long before they come after the Second Amendment.”

He went on to say:

“Michael Bloomberg is already trying.  He’s pressuring grocery stores and restaurants to ban guns. Next, he will bully sporting goods stores to quit selling guns and ammo. Bloomberg can not beat Chris Cox and Wayne LaPierre in the elections — so he’s trying to beat us in the boardrooms of corporate America.”

Jindal is one of many potential presidential candidates making the rounds at the NRA 2015  Annual Meeting & Exhibits.

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