Is It Militant Atheists Who Run the New Canada?



What does it say to persecuted Christians who’ve fled to Canada as refugees, just to see their beliefs being trashed by militant atheists after they get here?


That’s one of the thought-provoking observations MP James Lunney made during this lengthy interview with Brian Lilley of

Lunney was a Conservative MP, but last week he changed his party affiliation to “independent” and stepped down from the Conservative caucus after being “caught up in a controversy over evolution.”

Lunney, who has degrees in zoology and chemistry, says all these insidious Twitter campaigns are an attempt to “trap social conservatives” and keep them out of politics and the public square.

He also explains that supporters of Darwin are often unable to explain their own views coherently, citing celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins who, while rejecting the idea of God, posited space aliens as a possible source of life on Earth (!?)

You won’t want to miss this wide-ranging interview, that’s gotten quite a bit of attention up north:


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