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White House Press Corps Stamps Tiny Feet, Demands Barry Hussein Requite Their Love

What a bunch:

The White House Correspondents’ Association is reportedly crafting a list of demands to be sent to the White House, after an incident last week in which a pool of reporters covering the president’s visit to Salt Lake City were turned away from a meeting between Obama and Mormon leaders.

The list of demands is not yet complete, but will contain a series of written promises the press corps wants the White House to commit to. “We’ve been working on that document for almost a year now and will have more to say about it when we release it later this spring,” Association President Christi Parsons told the Washington Examiner’s Eddy Scarry.

Although the Salt Lake City incident appears to be the immediate cause, Obama has long had a troubled relationship with the White House press corps. Reporters have openly complained about the White House’s lack of transparency, with some even claiming to have been on the receiving end of “profanity-laced tirades” from White House officials.

A White House Correspondents’ Association seminar last year basically turned into a White House bash-fest, with some going as far as to call it “more dangerous” to press freedom than any other administration.

“Troubled relationship”? Give me a break. The kneepad media and court stenographers are so in love with Hussein that many of them have left their journalistic outfits and gone directly to work for him; the others are simply fifth columnists masquerading as members of the Fourth Estate. From the Washington Examiner:

“The principle of the full [White House press] pool is so important to us that we’re working to address it in a set of written practices we’d like this and future administrations to follow,” Association President Christi Parsons said in a statement to the Washington Examiner media desk… Even in what seems like a photo opportunity, it’s important for the writers, producers and radio reporters to see it, too,” Parsons told theExaminer. “That’s why the [Association] is constantly advocating for greater news media access to the president, the White House and the people’s business.”

Good luck with that,… suckers!