Former Biddeford, Maine, Mayor Throws Jar of Vaseline at Governor LePage

You can probably guess the party identifications.

The Washington Times’ Jessica Chasmar reports:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage abruptly ended a town hall meeting Thursday night after Joanne Twomey, former Democratic mayor of Biddeford, hurled a jar of Vaseline toward the Republican governor.


As you all know, there is only one possible circumstance in the course of human history — both infinitely on into the future, and past to the grand discovery of petroleum jelly — in which the phrase “hurled a [freakin’] jar of Vaseline at the Governor” could be followed with the phrase “attendees were reportedly split on [the] outburst,” and that circumstance is “Governor is a Republican.” (Google “Wisconsin recall” for further background.)

To be fair, Mayor Twomey’s act should not be characterized as that of an unstable crazy person, but as that of an unstable crazy person with a freakin’ plan. She didn’t just grab the first item in her purse to throw at the mayor, but had prepared ahead of time to throw just the right metaphor at the governor:

Ms. Twomey said she she chose a jar of Vaseline to throw because of the governor’s reference nearly two years ago about Democratic state Sen. Troy Jackson.

Mr. LePage said at the time that Mr. Jackson, “claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline,” CBS reported.


Keep your eye on Twitter: there should be a wave of praise for Twomey’s “empowering provocation” and “act of resistance” and “sparking a national conversation” any minute now. You know it’s coming.

Here’s the video, lunacy starts around 2:30 mark:


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