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Is Modern 'Feminism' Bunk? Or Is Fifty Shades of Grey More Like It?

Pretty much, yeah, especially when it comes to sex:

As a woman, I’m here to tell you that: 1) many women like porn – particularly if it’s jiggered for the female taste (made a little prettier with a little more plot set-up; foreplay, so to speak); 2) women will buy lots of porn if it’s packaged, and sold, correctly; and 3) in particular, what women have always longed for, at least in fantasy, is the alpha male (actually he doesn’t even have to be that alpha, just attractive) who will pursue them and then sweep them off their delicate feet. After nearly 50 years of the systematic bludgeoning of male aggressiveness in every form by feminism, women under the age of 50 have had very little contact in their actual lives with men who pursue, who grasp, who dominate. Still, many women have a vague, inchoate sense that this might be very pleasant.

I am, as they say, ‘in touch with these feelings’ and am able to say the unsayable because I had a tantalising taste of the world pre-feminism – before the lamps went out. It was in my preteens. Feminism was beginning its march, but it hadn’t yet completely colonised every major institution of American life. It was still possible to be electrified and terrified by boys and men who showed their seemingly volcanic levels of interest, with behaviour which is now labelled ‘sexist’ and ‘objectifying’. They did terrible things to me at the restaurant where I worked, like staring wolfishly or even walking over and saying things like ‘you look so cute in your waitress uniform’. That’s sexual harassment in the workplace now.

Fast forward to my thirties – the age at which most women, sexually, are finally ready to really rock and roll – and to New York City. Instead of sex in the city, I found depressed, beaten men – cautious and passive around women. They were, in other words, products of Ivy League universities. They were alpha, demographically, but they sure didn’t act alpha. They were coy; they sat on beds waiting for you to make the first move, they even waited for you to ask them for their phone number.

I’m not the only female who’s had it up to here with politically correct men.

Well, the Pansy Left has to come from somewhere. The melding of anti-male “feminism” — aka simple misandry — with the moral evil of “political correctness” has resulted in a Soviet-like popular culture in which one is simply not allowed to say things that everybody knows to be true. So good for Stephanie Gutmann. No doubt the “sisterhood” will thank her for her frankness.