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Typical Barry: Obama Blames GOP for Obamacare

But not before boasting about how the bits he contributed are a resounding success, of course:

President Obama slammed Republicans Wednesday for continuing to war against his signature healthcare law five years in. “It’s working, despite countless attempts to repeal, undermine, defund and defame this law,” Obama said in a speech commemorating the Affordable Care Act’s anniversary of passage.

“We’ve made our share of mistakes since we passed this law, but we also know beyond a shred of doubt the law has worked,” he said. “Deficits have been slashed, lives have been saved.”

Since emergency rooms must, by law, treat the indigent, I doubt that a single life was saved under Obamacare that wouldn’t have been saved otherwise, so there’s a typically meaningless Barry boast. (Why does Obama always sound like he’s running for high school president? The man has not matured a whit after six years in office.)

It’s been half a decade since Democrats in Congress passed the healthcare law and it remains arguably the most controversial piece of legislation passed during Obama’s tenure. Democrats spent this week touting its provisions extending coverage to millions of Americans, while Republicans aired their many ongoing complaints about the law. There’s one thing members of both parties agree on: Major reforms are still needed in how healthcare is delivered and paid for…

[Obama]reminded Republicans that some of the ideas behind the Affordable Care Act — most notably its individual mandate to buy coverage — were once supported by some conservatives, although its Medicaid expansion and some other big parts of the law stem more from liberal thought.

“The Affordable Care Act pretty much was their plan before I adopted it,” he said.

The audacity of a dope strikes again.



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