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Gas Bag In-Chief Signs Order for Government to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions


U.S. President Barack Obama will sign an executive order on Thursday that sets a goal for the U.S. government to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2025, the White House said on Thursday.

The federal government is the single largest energy consumer in the United States, the White House said in a statement. Meeting the goal would cut 21 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels, it said.

Several large private-sector partners, including IBM, General Electric and Honeywell, also committed to cutting a combined 5 million metric tons.

Obama has made fighting climate change a top priority in his final two years in office. The White House sees it as critical to his legacy.

The progressive obsession with their climate control fantasy is disturbing. It diverts attention from actual man-made problems like terrorism. It’s also expensive:

Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal 2015 released last month called for a 7 percent boost in funding for clean energy and a $4 billion fund to encourage U.S. states to make faster and deeper cuts to emissions from power plants. It also called for the permanent extension of tax credits used by the wind and solar power industries.

While Congress is fighting over how much to spend on defending the nation, The Idiot King is throwing cash at windmills.

At this rate, President Obama’s real legacy will probably be inextricably linked to Iran’s first day out with its new nukes.

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