Shocking: You'll Never Guess How Much 'Dead Broke' Bill Clinton Received in Post-Presidency Benefits

Remember Hillary Clinton saying she and Bill were “not only dead broke, but in debt” when they left the White House?

We already knew that was a bunch of nonsense when she said that a year ago, but the story has just become even worse:


Former President Bill Clinton has received nearly $16 million in taxpayer funds since leaving the White House, covering everything from his pension to personnel to benefits — and renewing questions over how much taxpayers really should spend on ex-presidents who make millions after leaving office.

But hey, they truly were “dead broke” in 2001, folks! Really! Never mind that they perfectly well knew the government would make them millionaires, even if they wouldn’t do anything productive for the rest of their lives!

I’d like to blast the Clintons for their hypocrisy and lies, but instead I’ll just republish this 9-month-old video of Mark “The Great One” Levin doing exactly that … and in a much better way than I could ever hope to do. Can we now please put the lying, deceiving, spinning Clintons out to pasture?


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