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Politico Sums Up Hillary's Message at Press Conference: 'Go to Hell'

Their headline, not mine.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was likable enough, answering questions calmly though with a weary smile. She even offered a feint toward humility, allowing that, “looking back,” perhaps there was a “smarter” way for her to have handled her correspondence as secretary of state besides bypassing official government email entirely.

Beneath the politesse, however, was an unmistakable message in her 21-minute news conference in New York Tuesday, easily distilled into three short words: Go to hell.
No, Clinton said, she did not violate the law or rules when for reasons of “convenience” she used a private email account in her years as the nation’s top diplomat.

No, she said, this matter does not need to be turned over to some outsider who can examine the Clinton family’s private email server and independently assess her assertion that she has already given to the State Department any correspondence that might conceivably be of public interest.

And no, she clearly believes even if she did not explicitly say, she’s not going to pretend that this latest uproar is on the level, that the reporters and politicians second-guessing her judgments and clamoring for more answers have anything but self-interested motives in fanning the controversy.

Only a member of the media could ever find Hillary “likable enough.” Every time I see her speak I wouldn’t be surprised if she peeled off her human mask, revealed her true space alien self, and began communicating with Nancy Pelosi via a clicking voice like something out of District 9. The only time she wasn’t disdainful and snippy came when the first three softball questions were asked by Turkish Television Guy and Andrea Mitchell, who both seemed to be obvious plants with pre-approved queries. After that, Mrs. Bill was oozing the unpleasantness that we’ve all come to expect, reaching peak discomfort when she had to utter the words, “my husband.”

This article then goes on to somewhat justify her behavior, blaming the very media that coddled her for the most part. Politico has been in need of some lithium on this story, first seeming to approach it as actual journalists, then falling into a Dobby the house-elf obsequiousness as soon as Her Madameship glared at them.

Turkish Television Guy should have asked her how much of a break she thought she was getting because she’s a Democrat. The media response so far has been to take what she says at face value and almost applaud her for releasing the emails that should never have been hers to release in the first place.

People who take the Clintons’ word for anything should probably be examined for concussions.

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