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An Inspiring VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz Remembers the Alamo

Today, Senator Ted Cruz took the time to remember and honor those who fought at the Alamo. He did so by tweeting the speech he gave in the Senate on February 24th last year and by tweeting an inspiring new message.

Cruz read William Barret Travis’ letter from the Alamo out loud on the Senate floor.

The senator called on Americans to remember this historic battle.

Those who fought at the Alamo were real American patriots and heroes. They didn’t fight just for themselves, but for their fellow countrymen and liberty. It was a pivotal moment in Texas’s and America’s history, because they made clear to the entire world that they wouldn’t surrender their freedom to anyone, least of all to an army that tried to take it away by brute force. 

Thank God that this spirit is still alive and well in the United States, most of all in the great state of Texas.

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