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Unhinged LGBT Activist Dan Savage Is Exec-Producing Autobiographical SitCom for ABC

In a world where non-PC utterances are cause for ruining careers, the notoriously unhinged Dan Savage is given the opportunity to be the executive producer of a network comedy based on his life.


Savage gets a pass on his lunacy, however, because he’s in an Approved Victim Group (AVG) and fought against bullying.

For quick reference, here are a few examples that should be fun to play a game of “What if a conservative had said this?” with.

Real mainstream America stuff there, ABC.

This is why conservatives need to continue to fight in Hollywood, and trust me, the fight is happening. America doesn’t need a conservative alternative, it needs us to battle to shred the entertainment industry status quo, which not only overlooks, but rewards, all things leftist.

Uphill battle, you say? Most goals worth achieving are.

Before any agenda-driven lefties try to say (and they will) that my beef is with Savage being gay and getting a network show, let me be clear: it’s only because he’s a jag-off.

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