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Mark Levin Obliterates the Democratic Party, Obama and the GOP

Popular radio host Mark Levin truly destroyed the GOP and the Democratic Party in his speech at CPAC earlier today. In a truly amazing speech, Levin explained what’s wrong with America these days, who’s to blame for it, and what can be done to “save the republic” from progressives bent on destroying her.

From the very start of his speech Levin showed that he did not attend CPAC to defend the Republican Party. Better yet, he immediately lashed out at the party’s establishment.

We are here today, not because we are Republicans. In fact, many of us are here in spite of that fact. We are here today, because we are losing our republic, and we are the sunshine patriots who intend to secure it.

Levin continued to bury Democrats and Republicans alike for selling out the constitutional values and principles they’re supposed to uphold. One of his best attacks was aimed at Obama:

You Mr. Obama do not have any legitimate authority to fundamentally transform what does not belong to you!

Another great quote, this time about… well, I’ll let you guess:

The only dynasty I like is the Duck Dynasty!

Watch the video below. Before you tell me that you’re “too busy right now”: no you’re not. Levin explains exactly what the problem is and how actual conservatives (so I’m excluding the entire Republican leadership such as McConnell, Boehner, Bush, and all the others) can fight back.

How? By upholding the United States Constitution. That document is, quite simply, the best constitution of any country, anywhere in the world. If you want to improve the economy, protect individual liberty and defend traditional American values, all you have to do is uphold it.

Here’s the video. Watch it. Be inspired by it. Act on it.

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