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Saddam's Noose is Up for Auction

If you have the cash, the noose used to hang Saddam Hussein can now be yours.

Saddam Hussein

Ex-Prime Minister Mowaffak Al-Rubaie has put the item up for sale more than eight years after he witnessed Hussein hanged in 2006. An unidentified senior Iraqi political official told the Middle East news site Al-Araby al-Jadeed this week that several individuals from Israel, Iran and Kuwait are vying to purchase the rope — with one making a $7 million bid.

How much exactly is the noose worth? It’s hard to say but Al-Rubaie is hoping for more than the current $7M bid.


He obtained the noose after “after they cut Saddam down,” he told The Independent.

There has been no comment from the Iraqi government about the sale, but local law enforcement say any money made from the noose’s sale must go to the state’s treasury.