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UPDATE: California Appeals Ruling Allowing Foie Gras Sales

Earlier this month, I wrote about a court ruling that overturned California’s ban on foie gras. Foie gras, fatty goose liver,  is considered a culinary delicacy but it involves some rather cruel procedures to make. California’s nannys lawmakers decided to ban the food in 2004.  The court, however, disagreed with a major part of that law and ruled that California cannot prevent foie gras from being sold in California that was made in other states.

Yesterday, California officially appealed that ruling.

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris gave notice that she will appeal last month’s ruling, which barred California from enforcing its ban on selling fatty goose or duck liver produced out of state. The ban took effect in 2012.

The law was challenged by a Hermosa Beach restaurant, Hot’s Kitchen, and foie gras producers in Canada and New York. The courts ruling still upheld the prohibition on making foie gras in California, but asserted that the California law does not trump federal poultry regulations, thereby allowing the sale of imported foie gras.

The plaintiffs in the original case are confident the ruling will be upheld.

“The decision was based on the simple fact that, in the field of meat and poultry, federal law is supreme. California does not have the right to ban wholesome, USDA-approved poultry products, whether it’s foie gras or fried chicken,” said a statement released by attorney Michael Tenenbaum.

However, animal rights groups “applauded” Harris’ decision to appeal the ruling.

“In a civilized society, it is our moral obligation to protect all animals, including ducks and other farmed animals, from needless cruelty and violence,” said a statement from Nathan Runkle, founder of the group Mercy for Animals.

“The people of California clearly have the right to prohibit the sale of a product that is the result of abject animal abuse” Runkle said.

Actually, California doesn’t have that right. California cannot regulate what happens outside of California. If you think foie gras is made by cruel and violent means, don’t eat it or set up a business that sells it. If enough people agree with you, there will be no market for selling the product and it will go away.

Get the scoop on foie gras from ReasonTV video: The Foie Gras Fight: Animal Cruelty or Animal Rights Propaganda?

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