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Man Ordered Pizza in the Middle of 4-Hour SWAT Stand-Off

A man wanted by law enforcement ordered a pizza in the middle of a four-hour SWAT team stand-off in Texas on Wednesday.

And it gets better.

Daniel Gurney ordered a first pizza Tuesday night, and the pizzeria manager recognized him as someone who had once used a bad credit card at the restaurant.  The manager called the police to report the alleged fraudster and provided his address to law enforcement. When the cops looked Gurney up, they found that he had four probation violation warrants for aggravated assault.

Below a pic of pizza enthusiast Gurney:


Officers headed over to Gurney’s address around midnight.

Police said that an officer arrived to arrest Gurney, who did not cooperate. He tried to escape through the back door, but he was met by police. He then retreated into the house, refusing to come out.

Given Gurney’s violent history, police called in a SWAT unit. Authorities said they used beanbag rounds, tear gas and flash-bang grenades before Gurney surrendered peacefully.

During the stand-off, another pizza delivery man showed up with a pizza in hand for Gurney.

The police told the pizza man to leave.