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Annals of Dhimmitude, Cont'd

Read this and weep:

First, we asked them what preconceived notions they have about women who wear hijab. Then we brought in Edina Lekovic, a Muslim woman who has worn hijab for two decades, to help give the women one perspective on a complex topic.

You see where we’re going with this, don’t you?

For the most part, they were surprised by how little attention the hijabs received.

This being Buzzfeed, the story is told through video and animated gifs. Be sure to zip through it to see what these modern feminists have to say about the hijab, using the language of cultural relativism and female “empowerment” to guide them into the dark ages. And then join my crusade to repeal the 19th Amendment, for they’re clearly too stupid to vote responsibly. Maybe these sorority sisters are right.

Somewhere in hell, Osama bin Laden is taking another victory lap.