Breaking: Grand Jury Recommends Charges Against PA Attorney General

A grand jury has recommended criminal charges against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  The grand jury found that she leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper in an effort to smear political enemies. PJ Media has been covering Kane’s refusal to prosecute Pennsylvania Democrats who took bribes in order to oppose photo voter identification legislation in Pennsylvania. Philly News:


For about six months, Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Carluccio has been directing the grand jury as it has heard testimony from numerous witnesses, including Kane and many of her top aides, to determine how details of a long-ago investigation of a Philadelphia civil rights leader appeared in a Philadelphia Daily News article in June.

The article suggested that a former state prosecutor, Frank G. Fina, had fumbled that investigation, and the leak appeared to be designed to raise questions about his competence.

Kane had refused to pursue charges against four black legislators from Philadelphia for accepting bribes in exchange for votes. Kane had said the investigation conducted by her predecessor was racially motivated. There was no dispute that the legislators took bribes to oppose voter ID legislation. Seth Williams, the local Philadelphia district attorney and fellow Democrat, took on the case instead. His investigation led to the indictment of legislators for taking the bribes.


On behalf of the American Civil Rights Union, I testified to the Pennsylvania House last year that Kane should be impeached. State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Cranberry) has long called for Kane’s removal from office for failing to enforce the law against political allies.  Today’s grand jury finding serves as vindication for Metcalfe’s efforts.





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