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GQ Can't Find Many Democrats to Put on Their 'Craziest Politicians' List

The magazine GQ is one of the most annoying publications in America. It is painfully and self-consciously liberal, embracing every leftist cause with a cheerleader’s enthusiasm while being unrelentingly hostile to the right.

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise us that when compiling a list of “America’s 20 Craziest Politicians” author Stephen Sherrill couldn’t find more than three Democrats.

To be sure, most of the Republicans on the list fully deserve to be there. A few examples:

  1. Rep. Michael Grimm [R-NY]
    Actual thing he said:

    “You ever do that to me again, I’ll throw you off this fu**ing balcony…. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.”

    Fun fact:

    He said it on-camera, in the atrium of a congressional building, immediately following President Obama’s State of the Union address, to a reporter who had asked him about a federal investigation into his campaign-finance practices.

    In his defense:

    He represents Staten Island, so this incident was kind of like a free campaign ad. And sure enough, in November he was re-elected by thirteen points.

State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt [R-CO]

Just how crazy?

Has repeatedly bragged about performing a gay exorcism (he’s a former Navy chaplain) to rid a woman of “the foul spirit of lesbianism,” and also tried to perform a long-distance exorcism on President Obama because of something about the NSA. Believes that Obamacare “causes cancer” and that Obama’s former FCC chairman was driven by the Devil to “molest and visually rape your children.”

Actual thing he said:

“Father in Heaven, we pray against the domestic enemies of the Constitution, against this demon of tyranny who is using the White House occupant, and that demonic spirit is oppressing us.”

Fun fact:

Calls himself Dr. Chaps, which is not the least bit creepy.

Rep. Jody Hice [R-GA]

Just how crazy?

Claimed that “four blood moons” falling on “major Jewish holidays” could be a sign of “world-changing, -shaking type events.”

In his defense:

Blood moons are freaky.


Some ask the question ‘How does same-sex “marriage’ threaten your marriage?’ The answer is similar to asking, ‘How does a trashy neighborhood affect you?’ “

There are some on the list who probably don’t deserve to be there — Ted Cruz, for example. GQ uses McCain’s “wacko bird” epithet as proof that Cruz is crazy. Probably the only time in the mag’s recent history they agreed with anything a Republican said.

There are three Democrats on the list. They, too, deserve to be there.  Perhaps pre-empting criticism, Sherrill wrote this disclaimer at the end of the article:

Yes, this list is Republican-heavy, and while that may seem like standard liberal-media bias, the reality is that Democrats just aren’t keeping pace right now in the crazy department. But to even the score, here’s an incomplete list of crazy Dems from yesteryear: Rod Blagojevich, David Duke, at least one or two of the Kennedys, Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger, and Jim McGreevey.

In the spirit of Christmas, the New York Post’s Kyle Smith decided to give GQ a hand and he came up with 16 Democrats that — somehow — the magazine overlooked…

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Democratic National Committee Chair (Fla.):

Compared Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to a wife-beater: “Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. I know that is stark. That is direct. But that is reality. What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch.” Wait, I’m confused, this abuse already happened, is happening but “it’s not going to happen”?

Rep. Barbara Lee (Calf.):

Called for a $26 minimum wage so that “people . . . could afford to live in areas now where they cannot afford to live” and “you would increase diversify in certain communities where you don’t have diversity anymore. You would have economic parity.” Nah, $26 an hour isn’t going to diversity Park Avenue. Try $260 an hour, that’ll work!

Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes, rich and clueless:

Eldridge tried to buy a New York Congressional seat, purchasing a $5 million in one district, then, when that didn’t work, grabbing a $2 million home in another. He outspent his opponent 3-to-1, but still lost (dashing his hopes, the Daily Beast reports, of being “the first openly gay president”). Meanwhile, Eldridge’s husband, Facebook co-founder Hughes, decided to take out his frustration on the magazine he bought, The New Republic. He fired the editor and said the tweed jacket brigade would become a “vertically integrated digital-media company.” The liberal writers who lost their minds over this is a crazy list all its own.

Gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis (Texas):

Approved a disparaging ad that featured images of a wheelchair like the one her opponent Greg Abbott has had to use for years since a freak accident. The ad was credited with adding five points to Abbott’s huge margin of victory.

Senate Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (a Democrat who identifies as a Socialist, in a reversal of the usual custom):

Said that the VA provides “very high quality health care, period.” and that the shocking scandals surrounding it were traceable to “a concerted effort to undermine the VA” led by “Koch Brothers and others, who want to radically change the nature of society.” So that’s why the Kochs are funding all those hospitals! It’s really a roundabout way of making the VA look bad.

It’s incomprehensible that any list of crazy politicians wouldn’t include Wendy Davis, Bernie Sanders, or half the Black Caucus — many of whom believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories. But GQ, as usual, wasn’t interested in publishing a fact-based analysis. Their bread and butter is sneering snark, and while they cover culture in an entertaining fashion, they should stick to fashion and sex advice for men.