MSM Dutifully Eggs on Climate Hysteria During UN Summit

It is once again the time of year when the most useless international body in Earth’s history gathers to coordinate its efforts to usurp sovereignty from the United States under the guise of stopping whatever it is they say climate is doing these days.


I attended/infiltrated the 2010 version of this event in Cancún, Mexico, and it was a most bizarre experience. At the conference expo they had a “Home of the Future” that looked like a prairie hut from the 1870s with solar panels. Most of the expo attendees were school children who were bused in for some good old-fashioned indoctrination.

However ridiculous these people seem to the sane eye, they are still a well-oiled machine, and that is what makes them dangerous. The left-leaning professional publicists formerly known as reporters are more than eager to make much ado about whatever progressives tell them to.

This morning’s news found Bloomberg News hyperventilating about typhoons in the Philippines, which are about as rare as embarrassing public antics by Miley Cyrus. The most recent occurrence of this seasonal event is touted as adding “urgency” to the UN talks.

Our friends at the New York Times even trotted out the “global warming” throwback for a headline today, discussing what will be “commonplace” in 2040, based on some predictive models. Bless their hearts, the models haven’t been working out that well for them thus far, but they keep treating them as flawless.

While his immigration overreach has been getting all of the attention lately, this press message coordination is designed to give President Obama some backup for more executive action.

The research, by a team led by University of Cal-Irvine doctoral candidate Tyler Sutterley, first appeared online at the journal Geophysical Research Letters on November 15th, about two weeks before Thanksgiving. So why is it making headlines now? Probably because the National Aeronautics and Space Administration issued a press release on the new paper on December 2nd. Why wait so long? Because on December 1st, the United Nations kicked off its annual climate confab and the Obama administration is keen on orchestrating its release of scary-sounding climate stories so as to attempt to generate support for its executively commanded (i.e., avoiding Congress) carbon dioxide reduction initiatives that will be on display there. This also explains the recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration speculation that 2014 is going to be the “warmest year on record”—another headline grabber—two months before all the data will be collected and analyzed.


The media fix will always be in when it comes to climate change hysteria (children’s entertainment is embarrassing because of it right now), and the current occupant of the Oval Office will do everything he can on his own to burden the American taxpayer to help fund his pet issue.

With a little help from his friends, of course.


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