MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: Let's Do Away With Data-Based Crime Fighting

My goodness, but the media is full of muppets.

When they’re not fact-checking SNL skits that criticize Obama, and dumpster diving to drive obscure GOP staffers mad, they’re chucking reason and science in the name of feel-good political correctness — never batting an eye that if they get what they want, innocent Americans will be victims of crime, and some of them will die at the hands of violent criminals.


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tried to have a real conversation on race and crime and police practices this morning. It failed. But not because of him, it’s because of his his liberal cohort.

Scarborough tried to get his pal Mika Brzezinski and guest Dorian Warren to see that police departments base their patrolling and practices on crime data. They refused, and Warren kept criticizing police and “stop and frisk.”

Brzezinski betrayed the left’s claim to be the “reality based community” and the politicos who favor science, though, when she blasted police use of data to craft crime-fighting strategies.

“[Policing] should not be based on the data,” an exasperated Brzezinski said. “It should be based on moving society forward, and treating whites and blacks equally.”

Watch the whole painful segment.


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