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Pelosi Caught in Most Incompetent Lie of the Year?


Typing “Pelosi” “Gruber” into my browser … Oooh boy:


Should we assume that Pelosi underwent some degree of preparation ahead of facing a media that would likely address the Jonathan Gruber videos? This would imply that we have to assume “Gruber? Eh?” is the PR response they chose as the winner.

Yet with the history of the ACA so intrinsically tied both to Gruber and Pelosi, and the media coverage of his involvement so thorough, I can’t imagine she was coached to say this. She must have called an audible, and it came out as just about as terrible and exposing of a move I could imagine a politician making.

She had to assume she’d get away with it, which implies that she does hold Gruber’s exact views on the intelligence of the Democratic base by making a statement disavowing knowledge of his existence.

Can’t fix stupid.