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You Can Own a Harley Signed by All 100 Senators


Every member of the U.S. Senate in the 113th Congress contributed to a Veterans Day auction to benefit the Independence Fund.

Bids can be placed for the dark custom series, chrome-trim Harley Davidson motorcycle when making a contribution to the veterans service organization.

Adorning the one-of-a-kind Harley? The signatures of 100 senators.

The current bid is more than $125,000. Bidding is open until Dec. 11 so you can put all 100 senators below the Christmas tree.

“We’re going to auction it off, and you got a chance to get a — you’ll be the only one in the nation with a bike signed by all senators,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Fox this morning.

“You can beat it up, you can blow it up, you can ride it, you can let people throw eggs at it, but the money will go to the Independence Fund, which is all run by veterans, 100 percent volunteers,” Graham added.