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Chuck Todd: Say, Why Isn't Repealing Obamacare an 'Incendiary' Thing for Republicans to Do?

Former Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) appeared on Meet the Press Sunday.

Cantor warned that if President Obama insists on pushing an executive order on immigration, it will be “incendiary.”

Allegedly neutral host Chuck Todd ran right over that and took Obama’s side.

“But isn’t repealing health care just as incendiary? Why isn’t that incendiary?” he asked Cantor.

It’s not “health care,” of course, but Obamacare that the Republicans have promised to repeal. Obamacare was opposed by the majority when the Democrats passed it and Obama signed it, and it has never enjoyed majority support since.

“That’s not incendiary because we know that’s gonna happen,” Cantor whiffed. And then he noted that the Democrats wasted time passing bills condemning the Iraq war after they won in 2006, but ended up going along with then-President Bush’s position. Todd chuckled while Cantor answered.

What Cantor should have done is noted that Obamacare lacks majority support and is whipping up a tornado of chaos and premium hikes for millions of Americans. He should have noted that Congress has the power to pass bills, but the president does not have the power to re-write laws on his own.

Todd set Democrat strategist Stephanie Cutter up by asking her if repealing Obamacare is “equally incendiary” to the president violating the law and going it alone on immigration. She scored the layup uncontested.

Watch the segment here.