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Texas Voting Booth Removed After 'Glitch' Kept GOP Nominee Off the Ballot

WOAI reporter Jocelyn Tovar posted this image of a Bexar County voting machine today. It shows what is at least a major error — Republican Attorney General and governor nominee Greg Abbott is not on the ballot.



The image was captured by a mother who went to vote today. David Dewhurst is not only not running for governor, he is the sitting lieutenant governor — but he lost in the primary and is on his way out of office.

Tovar reports that after the county elections board was alerted to the issue, they have removed that machine and are “testing” it.


The Bexar County Elections administrator, Jacque Callahen, publicly speculated that the image is Photoshopped. It doesn’t appear to be, and the original reporter has posted a second image of the machine. She also interviewed the voter, who says it was not Photoshopped.

Bexar County is Democrat country. The machine in question was at the First Chinese Baptist Church in Precinct 3146.

Around the country, voters have reported machine issues in Texas, Maryland, Chicago, Virginia and other places. In most of those cases, the machines were recording votes for Democrats that voters were attempting to cast for Republicans.