RNC: Administration Insult of Netanyahu 'Inexplicable and Dangerous'

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus just issued a statement firing back at a senior administration official calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickenshit” in an interview with The Atlantic.


“ISIS is on a rampage through the Middle East, slaughtering innocents and committing mass murder while plotting to kill more Americans,” Priebus said. “The priority of the Obama administration should be defeating our enemies; instead they are once again insulting our allies. It’s inexplicable and dangerous.”

“This administration consistently gets it wrong on foreign policy. Instead of taking the ISIS threat seriously, President Obama called them the ‘JV’ team. Now, instead of working with our allies in the region to protect democracy and innocent lives, the administration is hurling expletives at Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

One week out of Election Day, in a midterm where foreign policy has gotten more air time than in previously years, the RNC chairman stressed, “Americans should not accept this.”

“We should never betray our ally Israel. We need a foreign policy that is focused, not fumbling. The country is increasingly concerned about our national security, yet the administration is not inspiring confidence,” Priebus said.


Haaretz got reaction from Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who noted that “such severe curse words against the Israeli prime minister are harmful to millions of Israeli citizens and Jews worldwide.”

“The prime minister is not a private person, but the leader of the Jewish state and the Jewish world,” Bennett said, adding that it wasn’t Bashar Assad, “who slaughtered 150,000 of his citizens,” nor the leader of Saudi Arabia, “who stones women and homosexuals,” who earned the title “chickenshit” from the Obama administration — but the leader of  “the only democratic state in the Middle East.”


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