Another Senator Accuses Democrat-Led Senate of Sexism

First it was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, using her book to describe sexist behavior aimed at her in the US Senate. Gillibrand failed to name names, leading to the obvious conclusion that the Democratic senator was talking about fellow Democrats. If the perps were Republicans, Gillibrand would have named them, shamed them, and maybe even Bob Packwooded them.


In the end, Gillibrand blamed a dead Democrat, the late Sen. Daniel Inoue. Whether that was true or not, it certainly took a difficult story for Democrats off the media’s radar.  Try as they might, the media can’t credibly blame anything Inoue did or didn’t do on any Republican, or even the Democrats who currently run the Senate.

Today it’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), accusing unnamed senators of behaving boorishly, according to CNN.

During a wide-ranging interview on the Colorado campaign trail—where she was stumping for endangered incumbent Sen. Mark Udall—CNN asked Warren whether she had experienced any different treatment as a woman. “Yes,” she said. Would she elaborate? “Nope.” But was it surprising? “Not really, I wish it were,” she told CNN. “But it’s hard to change these big, male dominated institutions. What I am very happy about is that there are now enough women in the United States Senate to bring change to that place and I think that’s just powerfully important.” There are now 20 women in the senate.

Warren didn’t want to talk specifics, or how the different treatment manifested itself. “I’ve said all I am going to say,” ending that part of the conversation.


Well, we can all infer what’s going on here. If the culprit or culprits were Republicans, Warren, false Indian and darling of the far left, would not hesitate to name them and call them out. No doubt about it. Her accusation would resurrect the phony “war on women” with less than two weeks to go before the election.

So the culprits must be Warren’s fellow Democrats. That’s why she has said all she’ll say about it.


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