Obama Slams 'Rich Republicans' From Billionaire Rich Richman's House

After his presidency is over, Barack Obama might consider auditioning to succeed Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy in the next Anchorman film.

Burgundy will just read whatever someone puts into his teleprompter, without having any idea what it means or how people will react.


Obama is showing a similar tendency. On any given day he is liable to say something that directly contradicts something that he said previously and is preserved forever on YouTube. Or he’ll do something like he did Wednesday.

The president made yet another campaign fundraiser appearance while America and the world are beset by crisis from the Ukraine to the Middle East to the spread of Ebola.

Obama used this fundraiser and an email to bash Republicans who are wealthy. Which is not all Republicans, not even close, but the greedy, rich Republican is the image that Obama and the Democrats want to project and then attack.

As Obama was yucking it up with wealthy Democratic donors, he sent out a fundraising email slamming the GOP for being in the pocket of billionaires, the Washington Times reports.

‘If the Republicans win, we know who they’ll be fighting for,’ Obama allegedly wrote. ‘Once again, the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class.’

The president opined in the email that ‘Republican groups are spending massive sums against us.’


And the Democrats, like Tom Steyer and George Soros, are spending massive sums to help Democrats. Obama never gets around to mentioning that.

Obama never mentioned, and never may have noticed, the jarring optics that he created while he was bashing Republicans. He attacked from the home of a tycoon named — not a joke — Rich Richman.

That’s about as close to a “Richie Rich” as we’re likely to see in real life.



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